It’s Spa Time!

Wagging Tails has an experienced, professional Primp Posse on hand to give your pooch tons of pampering during their stay!

Our Primp Posse & Spa Area

Primp Packages

Step 1: The Bath Starting at $39

It’s bath time! Pamper your pooch with a spa bath: premium shampoo, conditioner, blow dry and brush. Also includes anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and nail trim & file. The owner may choose a complimentary handmade bow and
cologne scent upon pickup.

Step 2: The Groom
Starting at $68

Have a pooch with a little more poof?  Let our Primp Posse send them home struttin’ their stuff. This service includes bathing plus cut of the owner’s choice.  Price fluctuates due to breed, cut, and existing condition of coat. Owner may choose a complimentary hand-made bow and cologne scent upon pickup.

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Spa Package

Step 3: The Add-ons
Pricing Varies

Other services include teeth brushing, Furminator deshedding treatments, hypoallergenic and deep conditioning products, tick and flea dip.  Pricing varies, please consult with our Primp Posse for details.


Routine grooming will keep your pet looking, smelling and feeling their best! Who wants to cuddle with a stinkball?

A part of all bathing and grooming packages, brushing reduces fur matting, which is very painful for your pup and can be costly to remove.  Removing mats often requires a full shave down (brushing out significant mats can hurt your pup’s skin).  We recommend brushing in-between appointments to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Our Primp Posse often discovers medical issues such as new lumps, ear infections and abrasions and promptly brings them to the owner’s attention.

Teeth brushing is vital to the long-term welfare of your pup. Reduce the frequency of costly dental cleanings and painful extractions by regular brushing.


Ready to get your primp on?