Kate, the owner of at Wagging Tails Pet Resort in Tempe, AZ

Leader of the Pack

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have lived the majority of my life there. In December 2014, finally fed up with the snow and the cold, my husband CJ and I moved to Arizona.  We are incredibly happy here and both finally feel that we have found our home.

I currently work in corporate finance, and have supported both private and public companies, in industries varying from service to manufacturing to retail.  In 2012, wanting to continue to grow and improve, I went back to school and got my MBA.

I love dogs, and they have always been a large part of my life.  While in Minnesota, I served on the board (Treasurer) of Greyhound Pets of America – MN for two years.  Prior to that, CJ and I fostered many different breeds over the years.  We really enjoyed helping the “special” cases; we had a three-legged foster, several fosters with injuries that required extensive rehab, excruciatingly shy or fearful dogs, and a pair that was extremely bonded.  While my career has taken a very different path, animals have always been my passion.  I am honored to bring that passion to the shop.

At the moment, I have a pack of 6 at home, and CJ and I often joke that we are the “island of misfit toys” because of our eclectic breed choices.  We have a greyhound/wolfhound mix, pointer mix, retired racing greyhound (ask me about this breed!), and 3 pit bull mixes.  Like all pet “parents,” we love and cherish them; they all bring so much joy into our lives.